CW3000 Water Chiller


£208.32 exc VAT

Genuine S&A Industrial water chiller. 
Available from UK stock and delivered via courier usually within 2 to 3 working days of your order.

The CW3000 chiller is a passive air cooled radiator chiller, suitable for chilling the Blacknose A3 40W and the Greyfin A2 60W Laser cutters.

The machine is easy to install, simply connect the outlet pipe from the chiller to the inlet pipe on the laser and vice versa. The chiller has a self contained pump, flow detection and internal reservoir as well as smart control that displays temperature and warns of overheating issues.

Price £250
Weight 10Kgs
Size (L x W x H) 49 X 27 X 38 cm
Tank Capacity 12L

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